Friday, 10 May 2013

Rotating stereo on tablets?

I think tablets are rather good, even though sometimes a little frustrating for writing. My suggestion for cursor keys in my previous post is still very valid, but now I have come across something else.

Have you ever watched a film on a tablet or listened to music through the built-in speakers? I know, most people plug in their favourite headsets to get a much better sound quality, but I often prefer to listen to the sound through the built-in speakers, so I can still hear what's going on around me, rather than being cut off from the world around me.

Anyway, in general the built-in speakers are just fine, except when you turn the tablet round by 180 degrees. The video will happily follow, but the speakers don't switch round. So the spaceship flying into the screen from the right will suddenly be heard coming in from the left.
So, please, can all tablet makers not only implement full 360 screen rotation, but do the same for sound as well? With some clever trickery, it could probably also be possible to get stereo effects at 90 degree angles, when the speakers are actually top and bottom.

Maybe I should patent the idea and licence it... or maybe not.

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